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We believe that clothes can be made ethically - kind to people, kind to the environment and kind to you. We've taken care to think this through at each step!

Hi! So nice of you to drop in! Let's introduce ourselves.

The idea behind the name 'Relabelled' is a simple one... We are constantly putting 'labels' on ourselves and other people and, sadly, often it's the more negative labels that seem to really stick to us. In a world where our deteriorating mental health stats are sky rocketing, where picture-perfect social media makes us feels like we aren't enough, and where publicly putting people down is just a horrifyingly normal part of life, we are wanting to spread a little more positivity; relabelling people.

We are into the details.

All our garments are printed with a local screen printers who pride themselves on being as ethical and eco-friendly as possible; they only use water based inks which don't leak harmful chemicals into our oceans, they are as plastic free as they can be - using only recycled plastic where absolutely necessary, they use green energy suppliers to run their studio, they use ethical banking. Honestly, they have strived for every tiny detail and still aim for more, which is why we love them!

Planet and people friendly.

All the garments are Fair Wear certified, and made only from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. It's not especially that we are into the vegan, hipster, organic label (though we welcome and love all vegans and hipsters!) but we care about our impact on the world and its people - growing cotton organically means the environment around the cotton farm, the water supplies and the people all become more safe.

The packaging we use is all plastic free and we've spent hours finding things like biodegradable postage bags so that every detail is thought through consciously.

AND as if that wasn't good enough, we've committed to donating 10% of our NET profits to the Trauma Recovery Centre - an incredible charity who facilitate the creative and purposeful recovery of children and young people facing trauma, challenge and crisis. Their HQ is local to us in Bath where we live and we are HUGE fans of what they do. Go on and give them a follow and find out how you could support them further! 

Go on, spread some loveliness.

We'd love it if you 'relabelled' yourself, or someone else, or maybe several other people..! Maybe these clothes are the perfect way to say 'Hey, you're awesome' for Christmas, or a birthday, or a Thursday...